Claims the bitcoin bear

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Analyst claims the bitcoin bear market is likely over as.

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Claims the bitcoin bear

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The bitcoin bear market is over - can a rally start a bitcoin bull run.

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Claims the bitcoin bear

In this video we do some short term and long term bitcoin technical analysis on the bitcoin market to ascertain whether a bitcoin bull run is about to start.

Honey for the bitcoin bear - coinmonks - medium.

It isnt a secret that last weeks price action has some convinced that the year-long crypto bear trend is coming to a head.

In fact, fundstrats in-house bitcoin (btc) optimist, tom lee, recently told bloomberg that he adamantly believes that the cryptocurrency market can now be classified as a bull market, looking to the 200-day moving.

Despite the current price action being seen as capitulation by some investors, one analyst claims that the bitcoin bear market is still far from over.