Cuban hates bitcoin

He told the gold-centric business news outlet that he hates gold and thus bitcoin and does not see the precious metal as an alternative to fiat currencies. Canadian exchange crypto-focused merchant.

Billionaire mark cuban hates bitcoin and gold equally i.

Elastos partnership, multi monero please let us know what you thought about our review below! Paypal pulls out of the libra association, crypto markets fail to recover, and mark cuban says hed rather have bananas than btc.

Cuban hates bitcoin

While he has an extreme dislike for gold and precious metals as an investment, he said that bitcoin at least had a predetermined and finite supply. The week and down.

Luckbox mark cuban hates bitcoin and gold, the two best.

He said hate is not strong enough a word to capture his antipathy for gold. Billionaire and shark tank regular mark cuban compared bitcoin to gold in a recent interview.

Cuban hates bitcoin

His admission that gold is like bitcoin could be viewed as a pejorative after all, cuban hates gold. Mark cuban, a well-known billionaire of shark tank fame, and the outspoken owner of professional basketball team dallas mavericks, has recently commented that bitcoin is very similar to gold.

While cubans thoughts might upset some gold enthusiasts, its a mixed bag overall. Integrates bitcoin despite.

Mark cuban hates gold says good news for bitcoin.

Daily crypto news mark cuban hates bitcoin, south korea crypto? Leave it in the ocean and let currents shuffle litter into the scoop.

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Are you holding any of these coins. Hate with extreme prejudice, with an ounce of hot sauce is how the billionaire star of shark tank.