Fights against fake tax

Sophisticated cybercriminals are looking to steal your identity and fraudulently claim your tax. Identity theft and online fraud are on the rise during tax season as millions of americans now file their taxes online.

Time to get the missing part back - taxation and customs.

Short bitcoin strategy etf. The editors of that 2013 world economic forum report on the risks of viral false rumors called for greater media literacy and new technology to fight fake news.

Fights against fake tax

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How to fight against fake news? Headstart.

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Fights against fake tax

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The tax authority in thailand is testing a blockchain system that tracks value-added tax (vat) invoices and potentially eliminate fakes. During the election, the 20 top fake news stories were more popular than major outlets top 20 real news stories.

Thai government trials blockchain in fight against tax.

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In the 2016 tax season, the irs saw an approximate 400 percent surge in phishing and malware incidents targeting tax filers. Tax policy ,and the fight against tax fraud , have gained particular exposure over the past five years as a result of the light shed by repeated tax leaks and the related journalistic investigations.

According to a statement published by the office of the state administration of taxation, the shenzhen municipal decided to partner with tencent holdings, a chinese technological company, in order to prevent tax forgeries and scams with the help of the latest fintech trend called blockchain technology. For coin coffee.