Pulsar venture capital pavel

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Pulsar venture capital crunchbase.

Pulsar venture capital is an active player of the global venture capital market with a strong network of experts both in russia, usa and worldwide.

Pulsar venture capital pavel

В январе июне 2019 года в 34 сделках акселераторы вложили более 192 миллионов рублей в отечественные стартапы.

Pavel korolev - founding partner and ceo - pulsar.

Besides traditional investments, pulsar venture capitals professional team specializes in accelerating the growth of new high-tech businesses and also works to grow the innovation infrastructure.

Pulsar venture capital pavel

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Pulsar venture capital один из наиболее активных акселераторов в вопросе инвестиций.

Pavel korolev, founder at pulsar venture capital limited.

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Leta capital, moscow, russia alexander chachava alexander is the managing partner at leta capital, a corporate boutique venture fund founded by leta group, an eastern european technology holding company with over 100 million in revenue.