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We have more 20 years experience in risk assessment and scoring, developed fintech products for main ru banks, using facial and behavioral scoring, ml and computer. Community remains largely. Ico alert as a non-rega risk sharing question, we like to ask for unique predictions on the icocryptocurrency space in the future. Rega risk sharing announces risk sharing tokens (rst) crowdsale began oct 15th, 10 am utm and will go on until nov 15th. Funds raised during the ico campaign will be used to shape rega superpools to ensure effective operation of the rega risk sharing model. Virtual currency companies established.

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Ever carlos terenzi. Back to 2001 our team has signed a contract to develop a scoring and underwriting system for the first russian mortgage bank deltacredit. Tone vays christmas. Rega risk sharing - insurtech startup from russia announces start of international crowdfunding campaign and releases risk sharing tokens on ethereum. Rega risk sharing application scoring, facial scoring, identification, behavioral scoring, fraud prevention, and more are described in detail in our whitepaper. Rega tokens are a cryptocurrency built on the bancor protocol.

Rega risk sharing is a crowdsurance platform that helps protect each other as a community against financial loss without insurance companies. View sergei sevriugins profile on linkedin, the worlds largest professional community. A decentralized blockchain-based crowdsurance platform, where people unite to accumulate private funds secured by ethereum smart contracts to guarantee a. A 74-year-old mans wife watched as her husband was crushed to death by a tombstone as they hung easter decorations. Usd prices range. There will be two types of tokens, including risk sharing tokens (rst) and super pool tokens.

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The risk sharing tokens are designed to build a community of experts to enhance regas risk models, while the super pool tokens are designed to create a super pool capitalization framework. Mutual funds are controlled by smart contracts and a state-of-the-art scoring system. Champs elysees attacker had been in turkey and had huge arsenal of weapons. Rega risk sharing is an alternative to conventional insurance. Rega risk sharing is an international software company specialized in blockchain fintech products developing. Bank ever had.

Bitcoin price heading due. Now we go out of our way to built rega platform to reinvent insurance. It was the time when instantloan was born and for more then 15 years it is the core business for bellwood systems the parent company of rega project. The goal of the team is to develop a platform where using our tools and smart contracts factory, a community of. Suberg startup darling eos. Rega risk sharing partners with icobox revolution in the decentralized insurance market is near at hand.

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