The hellogold token

Heres the highlight of our first day of the hellogold foundation token sale. Hgt token holders are rewarded with discretionary monthly airdrops in the form of goldx.

Hellogold (hgt) preis, charts, marktkapitalisierung und.

In addition, the platform will have an api covering the current international gold spot prices. Canadian exchange crypto-focused merchant.

The hellogold token

The day is finally here! The hellogold foundation (along with its advisors) may, at its discretion, reward hellogold token (hgt) holders with gold backed tokens (gbt), fully backed by the gold received from the endowment.

Hellogold - ico over - token sales and decentralized funding.

Hellogold currently has more than 20,000 users buying gold through its mobile app, and has also launched last january goldx, the only fully-allocated investment grade gold-backed erc20 token. About hellogold hellogold (hgt) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the ethereum platform.

The hellogold token

Hellogold is bringing gold-based savings and financing to blockchain. Nasscom world satoshi.

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What is hellogold coin? Hellogold reddit hello gold.

Hellogold has a current supply of 1,000,000,000 hgt with 263,034,654 hgt in circulation. Integrates bitcoin despite.

President obama advances the rights of transgender americans. The hello gold coin app enables the purchase and sale of gbt units.

Hellogold the future of gold savings buy, save, sell and redeem gold with hellogold, the award-winning gold savings app. Hellogold will offer four core lines of service gold-backed token each digital gold token (gbt) will be backed by physical investment grade gold.