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Vitalik buterin said ethereum blockchain is almost full.

In his keynote address at devon 5 here, he said that the new consensus mechanism will make it safer, by making attacks against the network more costly.

Vitalik buterin said

For one, he feels that a world computer is still a valid way to describe the ethereum project a shared computing environment that anybody can build and run stuff on is still a totally legitimate and.

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Vitalik buterin said

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0 the co-founder of ethereum said that strong progress is being made on ethereum and across the wider ecosystem.

Fireside chat with vitalik buterin (ethereum foundation).

Osaka, japanethereum cofounder vitalik buterin claimed today that ethereum will run on a more secure consensus mechanism than bitcoin when it moves to proof of stake over the next few years.

The days of explosive growth in the blockchain industry have likely come and gone now the average person is aware of its existence, according to vitalik buterin, co-founder of ethereum.

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